WireWheel Privacy Orchestration Platform

End-to-end privacy management

Integrate your privacy ecosystem and streamline time-consuming tasks

Privacy operations and processes are increasingly complex more
Personal information resides in diverse, disconnected internal and external systems
Integrating, onboarding and offboarding privacy-related systems is tedious and time-consuming

The WireWheel Privacy Orchestration Solution

Your Data Connected

Integrate your data stores, metadata management systems, ticketing systems, Identity Access Management (IAM) tools, and other privacy, workflow, and data governance solutions

Faster Integration

Reduce costs and accelerate implementation, testing, and deployment of new privacy systems, data stores, and processes

Privacy Program Automation

Automatically collect data, trigger actions such as additional assessments, approvals, notifications, and alerts.

DSAR Automation

Automatically fulfill DSAR access and deletion requests from end-to-end

Identify and Manage Risk

Receive automatic notifications to identify risk and automatically launch remediation.

Reporting and Insights

Get a global view of risk with actionable reports, alerts, and take action with automated remediation steps.

A better way to tie together the consumer privacy experience and your back-end systems

WireWheel connects your systems together and plays the role of a traffic cop. You create the front-end user experience for consumers and internal staff. And, you manage your back-end infrastructure. We do all the work in between.

Capture DSAR Requests

DSAR request is captured using a request page powered by WireWheel

Verify and Authenticate All Requests

Authenticates and validates consumers using third-party identity verification providers

Identify Customers

Check consumers against your Customer Identity and Access Management (CIAM) system

Determine Where Data is Being Stored

Checks Metadata Management Systems (MDM) to identify data stores containing DSAR data

Watch Our Orchestration Engine Do All The Hard Work

Use our advanced orchestration engine to automatically collect all the necessary personal data from connected systems. You can even automate deletion requests.

Automate Collaboration

Use automated workflows to assign individuals and third-parties to specific data collection or deletion tasks. 

Review and Take Action

Get notified when requests are ready (or running late), review requests for accuracy then let our orchestration engine share results or handle deletion tasks if necessary.

Securely Share Results and Analyze Program Performance

Securely Share Results with Consumers

Send requestors a link to a secure, encrypted portal so they can quickly access their information and see that you’ve honored their request. No more email and risk of data breaches.

Analyze and Report

Generate reports to analyze program performance and keep a close eye on important metrics.

Keep an immutable audit log of all requests, actions, and timelines to share with regulators.

Connect Your Privacy Ecosystem

Know Your Data. Protect Customer Privacy. Get Ahead of Data Risks.