WireWheel Announces New Data Localized Solution for the EU

ARLINGTON, Va. – November 17, 2020WireWheel, a leading data privacy management software provider, today announced the availability of a new, data localized Privacy Management Platform solution for the European Union (EU). This solution enables privacy program managers to comply with the evolving global requirements related to data localization and data sovereignty. WireWheel is an intuitive privacy management Software as a Service (SaaS) platform that enables privacy programs at scale, leveraging integrations into a company’s cloud infrastructure and on-premises and cloud data stores.

With this new European-hosted solution, customers now have the option of storing and processing their customer data on the WireWheel platform without that data leaving the European Union. This solution leverages Amazon Web Services (AWS) and will have the same availability, SOC 2 compliant security controls, resiliency, back-up, and response rate that WireWheel offers today. Third-party solution providers used by WireWheel are also compliant and will ensure customer data remains in Europe.

“We have clients who do business all over the world,” said Justin Antonipillai, CEO and founder of WireWheel. “Our customers were looking for a solution to have European personal information stored in Europe. We want to give customers every option they need to accommodate their privacy management preferences.”

About WireWheel

Based in Arlington, VA, WireWheel’s intuitive privacy management SaaS platform delivers privacy programs at scale, enabling collaboration and leveraging integrations into cloud infrastructure and on-premises and cloud data stores. With WireWheel, organizations can support all phases of a privacy management program–including collaboration and vendor risk management–and more effectively comply with privacy regulations around the world, including the European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA). Learn more at wirewheel.io.

Media Contact: pr@wirewheel.io