Compare global privacy regulations quickly.

Not Sell”

Quickly stand up a compliant “Do Not Sell” experience that builds consumer trust

The ‘Do Not Sell’ Challenge


'Do Not Sell' Challenge

Your website must display your latest privacy policy that describes the consumer’s rights and includes a link to your “Do Not Sell” My Personal Information page


'Do Not Sell' Challenge

You need a “opt out button” on your website so consumers can easily take action


'Do Not Sell' Challenge

You need to capture, validate, retain and enact “Do Not Sell” requests

The WireWheel Solution


Easily brand and customize a Privacy “Trust Center”, Opt-Out buttons and intake forms


Automatically generate Opt-out suppression lists and supplement with additional intake forms


Quickly configure and streamline your process for “Do Not Sell” requests

Set Up a Branded Trust Center

Share all privacy information with consumers in a central place


  • Start with pre-built templates for CCPA requirements such as Sale Notices and Category Information
  • Build, publish and update privacy pages with no need for web development or IT resources
  • Make changes on the fly and continue to access previous information with version control

Add an Opt-out Button

Create an easy way for consumers to share preferences


  • Embed an opt-out button to your website with ease
  • Match guidance California Attorney General out of the box or customize to fit your brand

Collect Required Information

Collect and capture only the information you need

  • Automatically collect the observable information (like IP address and cookie ID) from the consumer.
  • Configure a custom form to collect whatever additional information you need to match data across your organization (such a name and email address)
  • Provide confirmation to consumers with a unique ID, showing consumers their request has been submitted

Honor Do Not Sell Requests

Streamline communication, save time, and maintain consumer preferences


  • Automatically add information to a suppression list to ensure you honor consumer preferences within your business operations 
  • Manage, track and enforce opt-out requests internally and with third parties
  • Automatically sync suppression lists with the rest of your tech stack (Google Sheets, CIAM systems, etc.)

Combine WireWheel’s DSAR and Do Not Sell Solutions for CCPA Compliance

Collect and manage all consumer data requests and preferences in a single system


Keys to CCPA Compliance with DSAR and Do Not Sell

Your decision-making tool to create an efficient, secure and scalable process to comply with CCPA, GDPR and any new data privacy law.

Know Your Data. Protect Customer Privacy. Get Ahead of Data Risks.