Compare global privacy regulations quickly.

Data Inventory for Privacy Management

Identify where personal data is stored, processed and transferred throughout your data supply chain.

Prioritize areas of greatest risk that warrant deeper investigation

Privacy teams need to understand and access their company’s data inventory to address compliance requirements. What could you find?

Transfers across geographical boundaries

Cross-border data flows can happen unintentionally, especially for cloud resources.


Database replication

IT and security teams may replicate databases for backup, increasing the amount of personal and sensitive information.


Security flags

Data stores with personal information may be unencrypted or have publicly available IP addresses.

How will you know where to start?

WireWheel brings together information garnered from cloud discovery, assessments and integration with on-prem systems to highlight privacy concerns.

Automate data flow mapping for cloud-based data stores and processing sites

We automatically scan and discover cloud assets and services hosted by AWS, Google Cloud, and Azure, including computational assets, data stores, and even serverless components of your cloud infrastructure.

Data assets and sites are presented in a rich, geographic view

Information is easy to visualize on a data flow map, which you can annotate, filter, report, and share. Maps can be updated automatically as assets are moved, discovered or imported.

Create a common operating picture of data privacy in a central hub

IT teams can stop answering the same questions again and again. Privacy teams can have direct access to view privacy-related insights. Everyone can be on the same page with accurate, up-to-date information.

Know Your Data. Protect Customer Privacy. Get Ahead of Data Risks.