Compare global privacy regulations quickly.

Data Discovery and Classification

Understand the types of personal data your company manages, how it’s collected and what it’s used for.

Automatically and continuously scan data repositories to identify and classify personal, protected data.

We surface actionable information you can use to make privacy decisions critical to meeting compliance requirements and customer expectations.
Save time

Automatically identify personal data in data stores and databases.

Increase accuracy
Automation provides a more complete picture than manual data collection.


Stay up to date
Continuous scanning keeps information current as data is added and processed.


What’s in your data stores?

Personal, sensitive data sits in your marketing and sales databases, human resources and financial systems, technical support, product resources, and more.

WireWheel connects directly to your cloud data stores

WireWheel has native connectivity and live integrations with AWS, Google Cloud, and Azure. Our discovery service dynamically categorizes cloud resources and can leverage their native tagging infrastructures to speed mapping and duplication analysis.

Out-of-the box and custom integrations

WireWheel can connect with any relational databases to see how data is structured via out-of-the-box integrations and a simple API. WireWheel discovers personal and sensitive data from on-premises data stores via schema uploads to gather data structures. We can ingest asset inventories collected in other data governance systems.

Gather and aggregate information across teams

Built-in workflows let you collaborate to understand the make-up of on-premise and cloud data stores and the intention behind data usage. Manage questionnaires within a central, secure platform instead of using email or spreadsheets.

Automated and human-in-the-loop classification of databases down to the field level

We parse data to find patterns and then label, group and classify information according to flexible risk and privacy categories.

Know Your Data. Protect Customer Privacy. Get Ahead of Data Risks.