WireWheel and Anonos Partner to Help Companies Adopt Privacy-by-Design Practices to Comply with Evolving Data Privacy Laws


Arlington, VA May 21, 2019WireWheel, the leading provider of data privacy management solutions, today announced a partnership with Anonos, a provider of state-of-the-art privacy and regulatory technology solutions. The two will work together to help companies operationalize privacy-by-design best practices so they can demonstrate compliance with increasingly stringent data privacy laws.

As a central hub for privacy management operations, WireWheel empowers privacy, security, business, and technical teams to share information and keep track of all personal data accurately and efficiently.

WireWheel’s Privacy and Data Protection Platform helps companies tackle critical privacy problems, including:

  • Data inventories and data flow mapping
  • Privacy and Data Protection Assessment automation
  • Privacy vendor assessments
  • Data discovery and classification, and
  • Data Subject Access Request automation

Anonos helps companies process data with dynamic pseudonymization and anonymization solutions. Application of dynamic data de-identification techniques enables data controllers and processors to use advanced data analytics and AI to fulfill their business goals while meeting current and future data protection regulations. Earlier this week, Anonos launched its SaveYourData software solution designed to enable companies subject to the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) to transform the legal basis for personal data collected prior to the enactment of the regulation.

“Protecting personal data in an increasingly complex environment requires companies to prioritize privacy in product development, IT operations, and business practices,” said WireWheel co-founder and CEO Justin Antonipillai. “Anonos’ data transformation offerings are among the most innovative and best-performing available and we look forward to working together to move our customers forward.”

“Our partnership with WireWheel has provided us the opportunity to play a broader role in helping companies build privacy-by-design practices into their products and processes,” said Anonos CEO Gary LaFever. “Companies can now dynamically de-identify data, manage re-identification and maintain the highest level of accuracy and fidelity while keeping track of how it is collected, used, stored, and shared at every point along the data supply chain in a privacy respectful and legal manner, regardless of jurisdiction.”

WireWheel partners with top privacy, security and data management solutions to accelerate compliance and improve the end-to-end privacy experience. More details about WireWheel’s partner ecosystem and integrated solutions are available https://www.wirewheel.io/partners.

About Anonos

Anonos is a global leader in data risk management, security and privacy. The adoption of new global data privacy laws means that the days of unfettered and unfiltered use of data are over. Anonos provides software solutions that transform data from a liability into legally complaint “Fair Trade Data,” that delivers a new competitive advantage and maximizes the business value of analytics, AI and machine learning while enabling legal compliance with data privacy laws. Find out more at anonos.com.

About WireWheel

Based in Arlington, VA, WireWheel’s intuitive privacy management SaaS platform delivers privacy programs at scale, enabling collaboration and leveraging integrations into cloud infrastructure and on-premises and cloud data stores. With WireWheel, organizations can support all phases of a privacy management program–including collaboration and vendor risk management–and more effectively comply with privacy regulations around the world, including the European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA). Learn more at wirewheel.io.

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