The Privacy Insider Podcast

Evolution of Privacy: The Birth of CCPA

Justin Antonipillai

Founder and CEO


Julie Brill

Corporate Vice President and Deputy General Counsel


Bruno Gencarelli

Head of Data Privacy and International Data Protection Unit

European Commission

Alastair MacTaggart


Californians for Consumer Privacy

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In the U.S. and around the world, the privacy conversation is gaining momentum with new privacy legislations in the works at local and national levels. Different regimes place emphasis on different aspects of privacy, with varying approaches to consumer rights, corporate accountability, transparency, and enforcement.

If you’re wondering what the next wave of privacy legislation will mean for your company, you aren’t alone.

In this episode of The Privacy Insider, WireWheel CEO Justin Antonipillai talks with Microsoft General Counsel for Privacy, Julie Brill; Head of International Data Flows for the EU Bruno Gencarelli; and the driving force behind CCPA, Alastair MacTaggart.

Important questions answered in this discussion:

  • How will CCPA avoid breaking the fundamental business model of the Internet – advertising and marketing
  • How will CCPA impact the type of data that companies choose to collect about consumers?
  • What does CCPA consider data collection and processing activities that a consumer can’t opt-out of?
  • CCPA provides an opportunity for an automatic opt-out option through third parties. What technologies are needed to make this a reality?
  • When consumers ask about their data, what are the technical and cybersecurity challenges with collecting information and getting it back to them?

Find out what the experts have to say:

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