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Keeping CCPA Compliance Simple

Justin Antonipillai

Founder and CEO


John Ackerly

Co-founder & CEO


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In this episode, encryption expert John Ackerly compares the multi-faceted SRR process to interlocking pieces of Lego. Every connection between the steps of Subject Rights Request (SRR) is an opportunity for data to leak out. If you don’t encrypt data from end to end, you increase risk for your customers and may be subject to breach liability under CCPA. Listen to Ackerly and Justin Antonipillai, discuss how the synergy between Virtru and Wirewheel helps fulfill the intricate requirements of CCPA.

“The SRR workflow involves system components that must work seamlessly together – from receiving a request to managing it internally and delivering it back to the customer,” the co-founder and CEO of Virtru warns. “If you miss one piece, the whole thing falls apart.

Listen in as John Ackerly and Justin Antonipillai discuss a best practice approach to keeping consumer data safe throughout the SRR workflow:

  • Persistent controls as data is created, moves throughout systems and is shared back to a customer
  • Ability to manage data in a common format that is understood by multiple systems
  • Streamlined experience for customers making requests and receiving data
  • Automated authentication and encryption key management
  • Simple user interface for privacy teams to manage requests

Virtru helps organizations protect their data when sharing it, both internally and externally. The data protection platform provider fosters secure collaboration with persistent encryption and access and revocation controls to ensure privacy. Its distributed architecture means organizations can host their own encryption keys, giving them total access control, rather than blindly trusting third parties.

Find out what the experts have to say:

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