Under Armour Testimonial

At Under Armour, we manage the world’s largest digital health and fitness community and in 2018 conducted an extensive search for the ideal privacy solution to power our innovative and high-priority privacy program.


The conclusion we reached was that WireWheel is a genuine privacy platform in a market full of products that are little more than tools.

Only WireWheel offers the full array of what we feel will be necessary to achieve compliance at scale now and in the future:

  • Sophisticated Tasking Engine/Vendor Management
  • Direct Integration into Environment/Data Stores
  • Tracking of Where Data is Stored AND Where Data is Processed
  • Automated Provision (and Maintenance) of Public-Facing Privacy Page

WireWheel’s direct integration and mapping technology allows us to see our data flows in real time – so much so that other critical function areas, such as SOX and PCI compliance, are now also powered by the technology.

Using WireWheel, we very quickly achieved things such as assessing more than 200 3rd-party vendors (a process that could have taken years otherwise) – and elevated the profile of the privacy function throughout the company.

WireWheel’s platform and support have exceeded our expectations to the extent that WireWheel has completely changed our view of what is possible in privacy compliance and use of privacy as a competitive differentiator. We feel that we made the correct choice and are excited to have such a productive partnership with WireWheel.

Know Your Data. Protect Customer Privacy. Get Ahead of Data Risks.