The Ultimate Guide to Data Subject Access Request (DSAR) Management

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Preparing for DSAR and CCPA (just as with GDPR) isn’t a one and done activity. Now, more than ever, you need to establish a continuous process that is efficient, automated, secure, and can flexibly adjust as requirements change.


Timely responses to DSARs are not only required by CCPA and GDPR but are critical to building trust and brand equity with customers.


In our Ultimate Guide to Data Subject Access Request (DSAR) Management, we’ll help you understand:


  • What data is covered by DSAR
  • The similarities and differences between CCPA and GDPR when it comes to DSAR
  • The risk of using email to manage DSARs
  • Practical steps for getting started with DSAR


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What is a Data Subject Access Request (DSAR)

What is a Data Subject Access Request and why is it important to your organization

The Obligations and Costs of Non-Compliance

Which organizations must comply with CCPA and DSAR requirements and specific costs associated with non-compliance

Key Differences between CCPA and GDPR

Understand the nuanced differences in the requirements for each regulation

How to Prepare for DSARs

How WireWheel can help you prepare for and adhere to DSAR management

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