Subject Rights Request (SRR) Management

Mitigate Risk

WireWheel helps you create a secure and streamlined process to manage subject rights requests — one that doesn’t depend on email or manual processes that expose you to data losses, regulatory and trust risk.

Save Time and Money

The WireWheel Platform lets you leverage automation and pre-configured workflows to free up valuable time and resources, and reduce the costs associated with subject rights request program management and fulfillment.

Stay Ahead of Regulations

We’ve combined years of experience, industry best practices, and continuing conversations with regulators, business leaders, and other experts into a solution that remains up to date through ongoing agile development.

WireWheel’s SRR Software Enables You:

Verify and Authenticate All Requestors Identities

Allow known customers to authenticate using existing credentials and use the WireWheel automated identity verification tool to authenticate unregistered or unknown requestors

Automatically Ticket and Assign Requests

Leverage automation to easily assign tickets, track progress, and send reminders for each request

Collect, Manage, and Review Internal Data to Fulfill Requests

Help team members collect, classify, and verify data from internal data stores, and utilize WireWheel’s data extraction APIs to handle volume of requests at scale

Encrypt and Securely Deliver Information

Implement an end-to-end encryption delivery system for all uploads, reducing data leakage risk by allowing only the sender and receiver to see the data

Track, Review, and Approve Requests

Demonstrate compliance by recording all communications, reviews, and approvals, and maintaining complete audit trails of your subject rights request actions

42% of the more than 18,000 data protection-related complaints lodged in 2016 with the Information Commissioner’s Office in the UK were about individuals’ rights to access their personal data

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DSAR, VCR, SRR and other acronyms we’re going to talk about are related to the same thing: managing requests regarding consumer data. Some terms you’ll hear with respect to the request process are tied to specific privacy regulations and indicate different requirements.

For example, GDPR uses the term Data Subject Access Requests (DSAR), as in GDPR-speak, a “data subject” is any person whose personal data is being collected, held or processed and that includes your employees.

CCPA, on the other hand, uses the term Verifiable Consumer Request (VCR) and doesn’t include employees. You may also hear the terms Subject Access Request (SAR) or Individual Rights Request (IRR).

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