Subject Rights Requests Management

Whether you call it DSAR, SAR, VCR or SRR–Subject Rights Requests can be expensive, time consuming and risky to fulfill if you don’t have a scalable process.

New Privacy Laws Mean an Influx of Subject Rights Requests is Likely Coming Your Way

To meet requirements of the California Consumer Protection Act (CCPA), WireWheel gives you everything you need so consumers can access, delete, change, move or opt-out of the sale of their personal data.
Build Consumer Trust
Give your customers and non-customers easy ways to register their data requests via a transparent, branded web portal.

Increase Team Efficiency

Save time and expense processing requests, increase accountability and oversight, and identify areas for continual improvement. 

Avoid Data Leakage

Mitigate the risk of a data breach by ensuring requestors are who they say they are and delivering information securely.


Every Step of the Subject Rights Request Process Happens within WireWheel’s Central, Secure Portal

WireWheel provides a complete spectrum of solutions to execute Subject Rights Requests, from fully automated orchestration to fully manual processes.

Allow consumers to opt-out

Provide an easy way for consumers to manage consent and preferences, submit Do Not Sell requests, including opting out of cookies and other web tracking. Maintain suppression lists and share with third-parties.

Publish a web portal to accept SRRs in minutes

Craft different experiences for customers, non-customers, or support teams collecting SRRs, all without development resources.

Authenticate and verify requests

Verify and authenticate requests based on existing information, email or affidavits. For unknown requestors, rely on WireWheel to check additional information, such as government IDs and live “selfies.”

Assign responsibility for fulfillment

Set up a workflow for data collection, review and approval across your data supply chain. Set deadlines and reminders and view progress in your dashboard.


Launch workflows to execute each request

Tap into a central repository of information to identify and update relevant data in your data stores. Speed the process with API integrations with cloud platforms and other databases.

Inform third parties for downstream deletion

Kick off automated processes to inform third-parties of deletion and other requests so data they store or process can be kept up to date.

Deliver information back to consumers

Send completed SRRs back to consumers with a secure link, instead of relying on email or content management systems that may cause data leakage.

Document your steps for auditing and analysis

Maintain an immutable audit log of requests and actions. Identify opportunities to increase efficiency so you can save time and resources.


Five Key Steps to Managing Subject Rights Requests

Your decision-making tool to create an efficient, secure and scalable SRR process to comply with CCPA, GDPR and any new data privacy law.