Speed Compliance with AWS and WireWheel

The AWS cloud ecosystem is diverse — spanning multiple applications and systems — and you need visibility into the personal data across it all. WireWheel with AWS allows you to use privacy compliance as a path to a competitive advantage.

The WireWheel Advantage

WireWheel’s privacy management platform empowers privacy teams to establish a modern compliance process that continually tracks all personal data collected enterprise-wide. Our solution supports all phases of a privacy management and compliance program, uniquely addressing requirements around the mapping of personal data, tasking, collaboration, third party compliance, consent management and more.

What We Do

WireWheel can help your company quickly and easily answer the four key data privacy questions:

  1. PERSONAL DATA: What personal data are you collecting?
  2. DATA STORES: Where is that personal data stored?
  3. COMPUTE: Where is that personal data being processed?
  4. THIRD PARTIES: Which third parties are you sharing personal data with?

Using WireWheel, business leaders can answer these questions through automated AWS mapping, along with data classification, privacy workflow, vendor management, and privacy documentation modules.


Key Benefits


Automated Transparency

Integrate with AWS and automatically map data stores.


Harness the input of diverse stakeholders from your business, IT, and third-party companies.

Continuous Data Monitoring

Mitigate risk with pervasive, ongoing visibility into the flow of personal data across diverse ecosystems.

Real-Time Privacy Intelligence

Optimize decisions to meet privacy-related obligations (including GDPR) with privacy insights.

Seamless Integration with AWS

Seamless integration and transparency into the data in your AWS infrastructure. WireWheel helps automate the tasks required to comply with GDPR and other privacy laws. Continuously monitor data across your AWS ecosystem. Accelerate your time-to-compliance for privacy laws, and maximize compliant data to drive revenue and profits.

Privacy Project/Third Party Management

Easy collaboration to understand data flows and business processes to provide the ultimate line of sight for the privacy office. Proactively identify potential risks based on actionable recommendations.

What is a Data Subject Access Request (DSAR)

Step-by-step guidance on what information to collect and document, including privacy assessments. Our platform is designed for all startups and all sizes and types of businesses.

Ease of Deployment

Delivered as a service, WireWheel is easy to set up, use, and scale without agents on AWS. Its intuitive UI and end-user tools enhance enterprise-wide collaboration and transparency.

Know Your Data. Protect Customer Privacy. Get Ahead of Data Risks.