‘On the Air’ Roundtable Discussion Series

CCPA: We Asked and They Answered

The Force Behind CCPA and Top Privacy Experts Answer Key Questions

By design, the recently passed California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) left the door open for interpretation. Legislators gave significant leeway to the Attorney General of California to make adjustments and clarify the details. Meanwhile, companies are grappling with the uncertainty and trying to understand the legal, operational and technical ramifications of the law. And, they’ve got lots of questions.

We brought together a panel of experts on CCPA to bring greater clarity to the debate and help you plan for the future. Find out how the experts answered.

In this roundtable discussion, we asked and they answered:

How will CCPA avoid breaking the fundamental business model of the Internet – advertising and marketing

How will CCPA impact the type of data that companies choose to collect about consumers?

What does CCPA consider data collection and processing activities that a consumer can’t opt-out of?

CCPA provides an opportunity for an automatic opt-out option through third parties. What technologies are needed to make this a reality?

When consumers ask about their data, what are the technical and cybersecurity challenges with collecting information and getting it back to them?

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This Month’s Panelists

Jocelyn PwC

Jocelyn Aqua

Principal, PwC

Expert on cybersecurity, privacy and regulatory risk

John Ackerly

Alastair MacTaggart

Chairman, Californians for Consumer Privacy

Consumer advocate and driving force behind CCPA


John Ackerly

Co-founder & CEO, Virtru

Expert on privacy and data protection


Justin Antonipillai

Founder and CEO, WireWheel

Expert on privacy and data protection and former Under Secretary for Economic Affairs, US Dept. of Commerce

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