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Your CCPA Questions Answered by Alastair Mactaggart

The initial version of CCPA is now law and companies still have many unanswered questions on how to comply. WireWheel CEO Justin Antonipillai asked CCPA author, Alastair Mactaggart, to provide some clarity.

Listen in as Justin and Alastair take on CCPA’s toughest questions:

  • When should you share categories of data vs. full data details?
  • What types of advertising strategies are considered the sale of data?
  • When to pay extra attention to verifying requests to prevent fraud?
  • What types of data requests can be made by agents on behalf of consumers?
  • What is likely to change in CCPA 2.0 as the law evolves?

About Alastair

Alastair Mactaggart is a real estate developer and investor, led a ballot initiative that resulted in the  California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA). This law expands privacy rights for consumers, including the right to know what personal information is being collected about them, the right to say no to the sale of personal data, and the right to access and deletion of personal information.

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Podcast Panelists

Justin Antonipillai

Founder and CEO, WireWheel

Former Under Secretary for Economic Affairs at the US Department of Commerce

Alastair MacTaggart

Chairman, Californians for Consumer Privacy

Consumer advocate and driving force behind CCPA

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