WireWheel and Senzing Partner to Improve “Data Subject Access Request” Compliance

Arlington, VA May 21, 2019 – WireWheel, the leading provider of data privacy management solutions, today announced a partnership with Senzing, an innovative artificial intelligence-based (AI) software company focused on entity resolution. The partnership will help companies better comply with privacy regulations worldwide.

Senzing entity resolution software enables Single Subject Search – the ability to accurately locate the records pertaining to Data Subject Access Requests, with unprecedented efficiency.

As a central hub for privacy management operations, WireWheel empowers privacy, security, business, and technical teams to share information and keep track of all personal data accurately and efficiently. WireWheel’s Privacy and Data Protection Platform helps companies tackle critical privacy problems, including:

  • Data inventories and data flow mapping
  • Privacy and Data Protection Assessment automation
  • Privacy vendor assessments
  • Data discovery and classification, and
  • Data Subject Access Request automation

“Locating the right records about the right person is a real challenge for privacy practitioners,” said WireWheel co-founder and CEO Justin Antonipillai. “By joining forces with Senzing – the leader in real-time entity resolution – WireWheel customers can now more easily comply with ever-changing data privacy regulations.”

“WireWheel’s privacy management platform is a natural and strategic fit,” said Jeff Jonas, founder and CEO, Senzing. “Organizations will now be able to deliver higher quality responses to consumers faster, and at a much lower price point.”

WireWheel partners with top privacy, security and data management organizations to accelerate compliance and improve the end-to-end privacy experience. More details about WireWheel’s partner ecosystem and integrated solutions are available athttps://www.wirewheel.io/technical-partners.

About WireWheel Inc.
Based in Arlington, VA, WireWheel’s intuitive privacy management platform delivers privacy programs at scale, enabling collaboration and leveraging integrations into cloud infrastructure and on-premises and cloud data stores. With WireWheel, organizations can support all phases of a privacy management program – including data inventory and mapping, collaboration, vendor risk management – and more effectively comply with privacy regulations around the world, including the European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and the new California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA).

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About Senzing

Senzing delivers the first real-time AI for entity resolution. With Privacy by Design principles built in from the start, the plug-and-play Senzing entity resolution products are the most affordable, easy-to-use solutions for discovering who is who and who is related to who in big data. Financial Services, Healthcare, Government, Manufacturing and other organizations use Senzing to improve fraud and risk detection, marketing and customer 360 programs – and AML, CCPA/GDPR and other regulatory compliance efforts. Global companies, government organizations, small and medium-sized businesses and independent software vendors are deploying Senzing® software to better understand their data and augment analytics initiatives. To learn more, visit www.senzing.com.

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