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SPOKES / IT Webinar Series 
Technology Leaders and Privacy

Top 3 Reasons IT Leaders Need to Make Privacy a Priority

Watch this session and get access to the 2021 Privacy Predictions: 5 Key Takeaways, and Privacy Technology Implementation: Lessons Learned IT Webinar series replays.

Featured Speakers

Susan Markel


VP of Engineering

Chris Getner

Co-Founder and Chief Solutions Architect

Ed Peters

Senior Director of Architecture
Capital One

Alfonso Serdio

Cybersecurity & Privacy Director

Technology leaders are responsible for making sure that products and internal IT systems are designed to ensure the protection of personal information. Watch this webinar replay to learn how to successfully tackle consumer privacy and compliance while balancing other business and IT needs.

Technology leaders discussed:

  • What you need to know about privacy
  • Why you should make privacy a priority
  • Where should you start
  • How to think about embedding privacy into your company’s operations

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SPOKES / IT Webinar Series
Technology Leaders and Privacy

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