SPOKES Privacy Technology Conference Fall 2021

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SPOKES / IT Webinar Series 
Technology Leaders and Privacy

Privacy Technology Implementation: Lessons Learned

Watch this session and get access to the 2021 Privacy Predictions: 5 Key Takeaways and Top 3 Reasons IT Leaders Need to Make Privacy a Priority IT Webinar series replays.

Featured Speakers

Stephen Buko


Director of Product Implementation

Monica Gaffney

Director of Compliance

Doug Rentz

CCPA Consultant

Technology leaders discuss what the catalyst was for looking for a privacy solution and why they bought it versus building it themselves. Listen to real-world advice for IT leaders, including:

  • What to look for when evaluating privacy solutions
  • How a privacy solution can fit into your technology stack
  • How to approach integrations
  • Lessons learned from their implementations

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SPOKES / IT Webinar Series
Technology Leaders and Privacy

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Top 3 Reasons IT Leaders Need to Make Privacy a Priority

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