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Leadership and Mentorship – A Discussion on Women’s Equality Day

In recognition of Women’s Equality Day, WireWheel’s Justin Antonipillai and Teach Privacy’s Daniel Solove sat down with Adobe’s Alisa Bergman, Salesforce’s Lindsey Finch, Deloitte’s Tanneasha Gordon, and WireWheel’s

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9 Keys to CCPA Compliance with DSARs and Do Not Sell

This eBook outlines key steps for successfully managing DSARs and Do Not Sell requests. You can use this framework to enable consumers to exercise their data privacy rights, guide how you select services and vendors and make choic

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What IT Teams Need to Know About Privacy and the Cloud

To carry your share of privacy responsibilities, you need to stay up to date with the latest privacy rules and understand how your operational decisions impact privacy. With planning, collaboration, and the right technology, IT te

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Dos and Don’ts of Managing Subject Rights Requests Under CCPA

We’ve put together this guide to help you architect an efficient, secure Subject Rights Request process. Inside Dos and Don’ts to Managing Subject Rights Requests, you’ll find practical advice to adopt and common pitfalls to

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GetSwift Case Study

Learn how GetSwift partnered with WireWheel to build a data subject access request (DSAR) solution that accelerates fulfillment and minimizes fraudulent requests.