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IAPP Webinar: Marketing Technology 101 for Privacy Officers

What you need to know about what the marketing team is up to

Featured Speakers

Dave Cohen


Knowledge Manager

Andy Dale


General Counsel

Camille Landau

Chief Marketing Officer

MK Getler

Head of Marketing

At an IAPP hosted webinar on February 9, 2021, Andy Dale, General Counsel at Alyce, MK Getler, Head of Marketing at Alyce, and Camille Landau, CMO of WireWheel presented their views on Marketing Technology and what privacy officers should know.

They discussed:

  • The marketing technology stack
  • The marketing technology landscape (which has over 8000 vendors)
  • The business benefits to marketing (and privacy) of building trust with clients
  • How privacy officers can work hand in hand with the marketing team

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