How Blackboard, AWS, and WireWheel Are Tackling Privacy

The Challenge


  • Collecting, processing and storing large amounts of sensitive personal data.
  • Manually intensive privacy protection products.
  • Automating their ability to move their data management and privacy protection efforts to the next level.
  • Building trusted relationships with students and other users.

The Solution


With WireWheel and AWS, Blackboard was able to launch with immediate project management ROI by:

  • Streamlining their privacy compliance process.
  • Seamlessly integrating WireWheel into their AWS deployment (including AWS EC2, AWS RDS, AWS Lambda) and scaling it across environments.
  • Providing visibility into personal data flows and anomaly alerts.
  • Deploying projects to hundreds of vendors.
  • Fully mapping their data stores and processing locations.
  • Reducing time and effort to discover customer personal data.

“We chose WireWheel for its innovative approach and alignment to the strategic priorities we have around privacy. At Blackboard, we are looking to elevate our privacy program to the next level. To support this, there are two elements of Blackboard’s privacy strategy that are critical – the automation of processes such as DPIAs and the enhanced visibility of data flows for us and our clients. We have been nothing but impressed with WireWheel’s capabilities to support these goals and the expertise and experience they add to our team. WireWheel has worked closely with us to understand our vision and requirements and have continued to enhance their solution at an astonishing pace. We highly recommend WireWheel to organizations that want to take their privacy program to the next level.”

Stephan Geering

Global Privacy Officer, BlackBoard

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