SPOKES Privacy Technology Conference Fall 2021

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From the AWS Startup Showcase: Innovations with CloudData and CloudOps

The Next Frontier for Privacy: Beyond Compliance

Building privacy into products and privacy protection into your data infrastructure.

WireWheel CEO, Justin Antonipillai and the Cube’s Dave Vellente discuss:

  • Compliance framework: Where are Europe and the US today?
  • Building infrastructure: What’s really essential?
  • Competitive advantage: What’s needed today?
  • Data governance: How can you add a privacy layer?
Justin Antonipillai, WireWheel

Justin Antonipillai

Founder and CEO

Dave Vellante's headshot

Dave Vellante


You will learn:

A Privacy Framework

  • Where is Europe and the US today when it comes to compliance frameworks?
  • What’s required to comply with new passing privacy laws, including CCPA, CPRA and CDPA?
  • What’s essential when it comes to building a privacy infrastructure?

Privacy Compliance: Your Competitive Advantage

In recent years, checking a box was sufficient. Today, it’s far from enough. Consumers want to feel confident and to trust brands. Consider privacy as part of the big picture and claim a competitive advantage.

Privacy by Design

Building products and interactions with one goal: consumer privacy. Adding a privacy layer in data governance.

How WireWheel can help with all of the above…

  • We can take you beyond privacy quickly with our suite of essential products
  • We make it easy to build with our developer portal
  • Our solution fits in with small companies and complex data architectures

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