Fast and Easy CCPA Compliance

All-in-one package to address CCPA’s Do Not Sell, preference management, and DSAR requirements

CCPA has set a new standard for data privacy which businesses must address right away


Consumers have more control

You must show consumers you respect their privacy rights and preferences


Operational demands are increasing

You must collect and respond to consumer requests quickly and accurately


Policies continue to evolve

You must be able to adapt to changing definitions and new requirements

The WireWheel Quick Start CCPA Solution

Everything you need to comply with CCPA right away and prepare for the future


Branded Trust Center


Out-of-the-box templates and tools


Do-not-sell button with customizable branding


Easy to customize DSAR process


Intuitive Task and Request Management


Powerful Automation and Orchestration

How We Do It

Set Up a Branded Trust Center

Share all privacy information with consumers in a central place


  • Build, publish and update privacy policies and intake forms with no need for web development or IT resources
  • Start with pre-built templates for privacy policies such as Sale Notices and Category Information
  • Make changes on the fly and continue to access previous information with version control

Add an Opt-out Button

Allow consumers to share preferences for cookies and other tracking


  • Embed an opt-out link and/or button to your website with ease

  • Match guidance from California Attorney General out of the box or customize to fit your brand

Honor Do Not Sell Requests

Streamline communication, save time, and maintain consumer preferences


  • Automatically add information to a suppression list to ensure you honor consumer preferences within your business operations 
  • Manage, track and enforce opt-out requests internally and with third parties

Quickly setup, configure and tailor the DSAR process based on your needs

Everything you need to get going without a heavy lift for your IT team


  • Configure an end-to-end DSAR process with no need for IT or web development support
  • Verify and authenticate requests based on existing information, email or affidavits
  • Craft different experiences for customers, non-customers, or support teams collecting DSARs

Leverage Automation and Orchestration

Execute requests manually, automatically or a mix of both

  • Leverage our orchestration engine for automatic data collection and deletion, create automated workflows or combine the two
  • Assign responsibility for data collection, review, and approval
  • Set deadlines and reminders and view progress
  • Automatically inform third parties for downstream deletion
  • Maintain an immutable audit log of requests and actions

Communicate Securely with DSAR Requestors

Keep consumers informed every step of the way


  • Let consumers know when you receive their requests and tell them how you’re progressing
  • Send completed DSARs back to consumers with a secure link
  • Avoid email or content management systems that may cause data leakage

Know Your Data. Protect Customer Privacy. Get Ahead of Data Risks.