Compare global privacy regulations quickly.

Privacy Assessment Automation

Fully automate Privacy Impact Assessments, High-Risk Assessments, Data Protection Impact Assessments, Records of Processing, Privacy-By-Design, Article 30 Inventories, and more.

The WireWheel Privacy Assessment Automation Solution

Built for Compliance

Privacy Templates

Simple and Intuitive

Powerful Automation

Secure Collaboration

Reporting and Insights

Gather critical information from people and systems to manage a small or large volume of assessments effectively and efficiently.

Leverage pre-built templates, powerful API automation, and flexible task management and reassignment.

Use Our “Privacy Studio” To Build Branded Center of Excellence for Self-Service Privacy By Design

Even non-technical folks can create beautiful interactive privacy centers and DSAR forms.

Select from one of our many templates or create your own questions. Templates are extremely easy to configure so you can quickly customize conditionality, alerts, tags. 

Build Automated Workflows In Minutes

Quickly create a privacy workflow that suits your exact needs. Answers to certain questions can trigger additional workflows or help alert the privacy office of potential issues well ahead of time.

Assign Owners, Due Dates, and Set Alerts

Assign default owners for the entire questionnaire or individual questions. Privacy teams can be alerted automatically when assessments start or when issues arise.

Launch Your Assessment

Launch assessments manually, decide when assessments are triggered automatically or give users full control to initiate their own.

Watch Our Orchestration Engine Do All The Hard Work

Use our advanced orchestration engine to automatically collect all the necessary personal data from connected systems. You can even automate deletion requests.

Automate Collection of Personal Information

Use automated workflows to assign individuals and third-parties to specific data collection or deletion tasks that need to be handled manually.

Securely Collaborate

Assignees can answer questions, re-assign questions to team members, send requests to third-parties all within the secure WireWheel platform (no more emails or email attachments!)

Automatically Prioritize, Tag and Remediate

Receive automatic notifications to identify risk, assign tags to flag important questions and responses, and automatically launch remediation steps if necessary.

Track, Monitor, and Engage Privacy Teams on Assessment Exercises

Users can quickly see all of the privacy by design exercises in one place, and monitor the status of each and communicate with the originator.

Score and Remediate Assessment Exercises

WireWheel calculates risk and privacy scores around assessment exercises and identifies areas for remediation and follow-up.

Keep an immutable audit log of all tasks, actions, and timelines and generate required documentation to share with regulators.

Know Your Data. Protect Customer Privacy. Get Ahead of Data Risks.