Data Privacy Compliance – Is Your Data Compliant Around the World?

Our Platform includes each of the solutions you need to maintain data privacy compliance in the United States and around the world, including the European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) and data transfer frameworks like the EU-US Privacy Shield

The WireWheel Insight

WireWheel is purpose-built to solve today’s compliance challenges.

WireWheel simplifies most privacy and security compliance work to these five central questions:

WireWheel also gives you all of the tools necessary to tackle the tough tasks you face under GDPR compliance, CCPA compliance, Privacy Shield and more, in a safe, secure, encrypted environment

WireWheel Consulting Services

WireWheel tracks and monitors privacy regulatory requirements and provides guidance to customers to develop holistic global privacy programs that comply with legal and regulatory requirements.

Key Features

Privacy Engine

A self-service privacy and security wizard guides you and your team from start to finish – no technical support required

  • Makes it simple for people throughout your enterprise to support data privacy compliance
  • Includes built-in step-by-step instructions on how to tackle your privacy projects
  • Is easy to start, easy to manage, and provides a central place to see your privacy projects

Privacy Program Compliance Frameworks and Pre-Configured Workflows

Everything you need to manage a Privacy Program

  • WireWheel includes the critical privacy and data protection assessments, compliance frameworks, records, forms, and workflows you need to build and maintain a comprehensive privacy program.
  • All templates, forms, and questionnaires are fully-customizable and easy to create in new templates.
  • WireWheel allows you to tackle GDPR, CCPA, and other privacy regulations around the world.

Comprehensive Collaboration

Efficiently collect privacy information from all sources

  • Dramatically reduces the time to harness input from inside and outside your organization
  • Captures relevant insights from all parts of your organization – the privacy office, IT, lines of business, etc.
  • Also allows you to quickly and easily include input from third parties such as partners and vendors

Comprehensive Workflow

The ideal combination of collaboration and automation to support your data privacy compliance process

  • Replaces manual steps with powerful automation and collaboration
  • Allows you to build custom forms and workflows to share information instantly, and collaborate with vendors and partners
  • Monitors personal information data stores and cross-border data flows, and quickly identifies actionable privacy issues

Process Mapping

A single platform to identify and map process flows

  • Automatically discovers cloud assets, including computational assets, data stores and even serverless components of your infrastructure
  • Includes built-in business process mapping
  • Automatically identifies and integrates vendors and partners into your process maps

Data Discovery & Classification

Discover and inventory personal information

  • Provides fast visibility into where data resides, and how it flows through your organization
  • Integrates with your infrastructure and data stores and surfaces actionable privacy intelligence
  • Helps you easily identify, classify and protect personal data

Continuous Infrastructure & Data Monitoring

Easy to Integrate for Instant Visibility

  • Leverage your cloud infrastructure and data stores to automate your data flow mapping
  • Set alerts based on the sensitivity of the personal data
  • Ongoing, evergreen oversight of where personal data is being processed, whether or not it’s encrypted, whether or not it’s publicly accessible, and more

Who It’s For

Users and those who benefit directly from WireWheel Include:

Chief Privacy Officers

(or anyone with privacy in their title)

Chief Compliance Officers and Chief Legal Counsel

(or anyone on the legal team managing compliance)

Chief Risk Management Officers

(or anyone with risk in their title)

Chief Information Security Officers

(and others tasked with security compliance)

Chief Executive Officers and Chief Revenue Officers

(or anyone invested in building corporate value and brand)

Chief Technology Officers

(and others responsible for technology)

Benefits & Results

Increase Productivity

  • Achieve more with fewer resources – expand the capacity of your privacy office by making it simple for individuals throughout your organization to contribute to data privacy compliance efforts.
  • Evolve your privacy team from data collectors to risk managers, learning from each incident while working together more effectively.
  • Leverage WireWheel’s pre-designed processes, content and templates to get started in minutes.

Reduced Privacy Risk

  • Harness the input of diverse stakeholders from across the business, IT and third-party companies. Track your team’s work and keep everyone on the same page.
  • Turn privacy from an administrative event to an evergreen, easy-to-manage part of your routine business management.
  • Dramatically increase the visibility of privacy-related issues.

Rapid Time-to-Compliance

  • Make emailing spreadsheets a thing of the past and dramatically reduce the time dedicated to identification and maintenance of personal data.
  • Resolve issues faster through automation, unified workflow and real-time insight.
  • Use our automated schema analysis to jump start data classification exercises necessary for all privacy regimes.

Operational Simplicity

  • Seamless integration with leading cloud providers (AWS, Azure, Google)
  • Easy end user and administrative interface to orchestrate privacy compliance tasks enterprise-wide
  • Near real-time visibility into data storage, processing, and sharing to accurately identify and classify personal data and how it moves through cloud-based and on-prem environments

Know Your Data

  • Improve your awareness of the personal data that exists throughout your company by democratizing the data stewardship process
  • Support innovation and growth by making better and more comprehensive data available throughout your organization

GDPR has 99 Articles.

The California Consumer Privacy Act has 21 Sections.

Regulations are complex, but, with WireWheel data privacy compliance doesn’t have to be.

See what WireWheel can do for you by scheduling a demonstration.