Get CCPA Compliant with WireWheel’s
Privacy Management Platform

Thank you for attending the Privacy Leadership Demands More Than Minimum Compliance Webinar. We appreciate your time and invite you to sign up to see how WireWheel can enable your organization to comply with CCPA. 

Specifically with:

  • The sale or exchange of all consumer information
  • Consumer opt-outs and the “Do Not Sell” requirement
  • Fulfillment of Subject Rights Requests

The WireWheel privacy management platform allows you to:

  • Manage Consumer Consent and Preferences
  • Automate Subject Rights Requests
  • Produce Required Privacy Documentation
  • Launch Surveys to Gather Information
  • Identify High-Risk Data Stores and Processes
  • Discover and Classify Data
  • Visualize Data Flows in a Rich Map
  • Measure, Report and Prioritize Risk

Get started now and see how WireWheel can power all phases of your global privacy management and compliance program, uniquely addressing requirements around personal data inventory and mapping, collaboration, vendor risk management, third party compliance, and subject rights requests.

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