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What is Facebook LDU?

Facebook has introduced a new feature called “Limited Data Use” (LDU). LDU affects Facebook’s “Business Tools,” including the Facebook Pixel, which businesses use for “retargeting” ads at Facebook users (and others) across the web.

Why did Facebook introduce LDU?

Facebook released a Limited Data Use (LDU) feature to:


Give businesses more control over how their data is used in Facebook’s systems

Better support businesses with their California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) compliance efforts

What do I do now?

Book a live demo with one of our WireWheel privacy experts and we’ll show you what the WireWheel’s privacy and data protection platform can do. The CCPA Quick Start solution helps you automate daily privacy challenges with a simple-to-use and configurable platform where extended teams can easily collaborate.

The CCPA Quick Start demo will show you how your organization can be CCPA compliant in minutes by:


Implementing a cookie consent banner that allows users the choice to opt out of the sale of their personal information

Communicating users’ preferences to Facebook so that it can apply Limited Data Use (LDU)

Providing all other relevant CCPA notices, including:

  • “Do Not Sell My Personal Information” page
  • Privacy Policy
  • Notice at collection
  • Notice of financial incentives (if applicable)
Complying with all other obligations under the CCPA