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Meet Legal Obligations Around Individual Rights (DSAR)

Stand Up a DSAR in Minutes

Our DSAR software enables you to build and deploy a customized customer request portal with no need for web development resources

Save Time and Money

Manually responding to GDPR DSARs takes time and money. Leverage automation and pre-configured workflows frees up valuable time and resources, and reduces the costs associated with DSAR responses

Avoid Risky DSAR Management

WireWheel focuses on delivering a secure infrastructure – one that doesn’t depend on email

Simplify Your DSAR Process

Easily enable customers to access, correct, delete, and retrieve their information


Only WireWheel DSAR Management can empower collaboration, flag data relevant to GDPR and CCPA, map data flows and business processes, and offer a secure environment to deliver DSAR responses to your customers – and do it all with fast deployment and significant cost savings.

Stand up a Customized, Branded Customer Request Portal in Minutes

The WireWheel Privacy Studio enables you to quickly build a customer request portal, add your logo, and publish it with no need for any web development resources. It also includes the ability to export the code for your website team to incorporate easily into your website


Automatically Ticket and Assign Requests

Our simple, easy-to-use solution enables automatic ticketing/record creation and assignment of DSAR requests


Utilize Pre-Configured Workflows

Our out-of-the-box, customizable workflows include verification, fulfillment, and delivery – everything you need to effectively manage DSARs


Secure Your Data

Leverage a purpose-built platform with encryption built into every layer. The WireWheel DSAR solution also promotes data minimization by keeping the requested data in one place, allowing for easy deletion of the customer data following fulfillment.


Easily Deliver DSAR Results to the Requesting Customer

Deliver request results quickly and securely in encrypted form and with verification of the customer

42% of the more than 18,000 data protection-related complaints lodged in 2016 with the Information Commissioner’s Office in the UK were about individuals’ rights to access their personal data

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