Dos and Don’ts of Managing Subject Rights Requests Under CCPA

If you collect, process or sell data about California residents, it’s time to prepare for a steady stream of consumer data requests. Large B2C companies are already receiving thousands each year and expect many times that number after CCPA becomes law.

Under CCPA, consumers in California have the right to request access to the data businesses collect about them. They can ask about general categories and purposes as well as specific data. They can also request that their information be corrected, deleted, moved and prevented from being sold.

Subject Rights Requests – or, in CCPA parlance, “verifiable consumer requests” – can be tricky to handle. Mismanaging the Subject Rights Request process increases your risk of a data breach and your potential liability.

We’ve put together this guide to help you architect an efficient, secure Subject Rights Request process. Inside Dos and Don’ts to Managing Subject Rights Requests, you’ll find practical advice to adopt and common pitfalls to avoid.

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