Jenn Wagener

Jenn Wagener

Jenn Wagener serves as WireWheel’s Head of Operations, and is responsible for the day-to-day business, financial, customer and HR operations, as well as supporting strategic planning.

Jenn brought a wealth of real world and practical business expertise to WireWheel. She has a wide range of strategic and operational knowledge of SaaS businesses.

For the fifteen years before joining WireWheel, Jenn worked in the SaaS space for Hobsons, an education technology company. Jenn was initially COO of a Hobsons’ acquisition, where she led the growth to over $10 million in Revenues, a 95% renewal rate and 50 employees at the time of its acquisition. Upon joining Hobsons, Jenn built and led a Professional Services organization of over 150 employees, serving Hobsons’ 2,000 plus global customers, where she was responsible for the implementation, support and renewal of customers. Then, Jenn led M&A execution, key corporate projects and overseeing the company’s global management information systems.

Before joining Hobsons, Jenn worked for a start-up business partnered with the US Chamber of Commerce to provide services to small businesses. Jenn began her career working for JP Morgan, where she supported debt financing activities for primarily Media & Telecommunications companies.

Jenn played competitive sports in college—so beware of challenging her on the Volleyball court. When not shuttling her kids around to soccer, base/softball, basketball games or swim meets, Jenn likes to run and enjoy the outdoors.