Technology Leaders

WireWheel reduces the privacy burden on the IT organization.

Technology leaders understand the growing importance of privacy and the huge risks it can pose, but privacy oversight and compliance are creating a significant, growing and sometimes unnecessary burden on IT teams.

WireWheel enables technology leaders to:

  • Stop answering the same privacy questionnaires over and over
  • Leverage your existing tech stack to move faster
  • Empower your legal and privacy team to help

1. Stop answering the same privacy questionnaires over and over.

WireWheel’s Privacy Engine provides everything business units across the organization need to directly provide the information needed by the privacy team, without having to send IT the same questionnaires over and over:

2. Leverage your existing tech stack to go faster.

By accessing the systems already in place (such as databases, cloud services, IaaS services, metadata management platforms, cloud access security brokers (CASBs)) and automatically surfacing the relevant data they contain, privacy compliance becomes dramatically easier and cheaper.

WireWheel’s Data Classification tool allows your team to integrate directly into your cloud infrastructure through agentless discovery. The tool also facilitates integration with on-premise data lakes, leveraging the investments you have already made, to help protect your data.

3. Empower your legal and privacy team to help you.

A sustained privacy program requires ongoing and seamless collaboration between your privacy team, technical team, security team, and outside advisors and vendors. You need a way to track, and then update, program information quickly and easily. The spreadsheets that so many teams still use are just not built to make this process efficient, secure, or collaborative.

The project management features of WireWheel let you easily assign the relevant tasks to the appropriate teams or individuals to get the privacy data you need. These individuals can delegate a question or questionnaire to a team member as needed and easily approve the responses that flow back. Throughout, you maintain a crystal clear view of who is responsible for each task and its current status:

Additional features for CTOs/CIOs include:

3rd Party Review and Management. If your company collects data, you are probably responsible for “onward transfer” to your vendors, and so diligence on each is a critical part of your compliance program.  WireWheel automates the vendor review process for privacy so that you can focus on things that add value.

Personal Data Oversight – Modernized. Our customers describe WireWheel as a pleasure to use.  Not only does WireWheel integrate into your critical data stores and observed data logs to automate the identification of personal data, it does so smoothly, easily, and intuitively.  The platform provides a beautiful, easy way to manage personal data for your customers.

At WireWheel, We Believe in Technology Professionals

You care about privacy, and have thought about what you really need to collect to deliver your product. You commit the time to help on privacy, but you are explaining, over-and-over what you collect, how you have deployed, and how you protect customer privacy.

WireWheel brings fast ROI by surfacing for your team members:

  • What you are collecting
  • Who is using it
  • How you are using it

…so that privacy professionals can do their jobs faster and more easily, and save you time and resources

WireWheel – The Platform that helps PEOPLE PROTECT PRIVACY.