Ed Peters

Ed Peters leads the software development and technology team at WireWheel, and is a veteran of multiple successful startups in the DC area, with over 15 years of experience as a technologist and an executive in software development. Most recently, he was the CTO of Opower, while it was a public company, and later led the company’s technical integration into Oracle’s Utilities Global Business Unit in their 2016 acquisition. Ed was also a leader at webMethods (now part of Software AG), Clearspring (now part of the Oracle’s Data Cloud), and Appian.

Ed brings a rare combination of technical and interpersonal skills to bear on solving important business problems. While working on critical system design problems, he’s been a regular contributor to internal and external company outreach, is a regular speaker at technology-related events around the country, and devotes much of his time to mentoring junior engineers and managers.

Ed is also a dyed-in-the wool geek—he’s never stopped programming or guiding the architecture of the products he’s working on. He spent his spare time at Opower re-implementing key algorithms for 50x performance improvements. And, while he was managing dozens of integration-related projects for the Oracle acquisition of Opower, he spent nights learning Node and Electron by building a custom application for scoring Boggle games so he and his wife could continue their bloodthirsty competition (she’s winning).