Business and Sales Leaders

Data Privacy is a customer issue, a revenue issue and a strategic issue

The faster you can build trust around your customer’s data, the faster you will find customers and close deals. While you may be doing the right thing with people’s data, today more than ever, you also need to show it.

At the same time, privacy risk has become a significant board-level issue for many companies. If you do not know your risks, you cannot manage them as a team. And, the damage to your business resulting from a breach of customer trust around privacy data can be significant and long-term.

Managed properly, your privacy program can be an asset, not just to accelerate deals and reduce risk, but to drive strategic value.

WireWheel enables business and sales leaders to:

  • Accelerate sales cycles – get customers the information they need about privacy compliance quickly and easily
  • Build trust with your customers – show your company is doing the right thing and earn their trust
  • Feature trust to your customers – Every major company is featuring privacy to their customers.  Use WireWheel to help you do the same thing, and fast.

1. Accelerate Sales Cycles

The WireWheel Platform not only helps you identify your privacy risks and address them, it is the first platform that quickly builds the privacy-focused materials for your sales teams and your customers.

2. Build Trust with Customers

Just like data security, privacy is now a key customer issue and your company’s ability to establish customer trust as a custodian of personal data will increasingly impact your ability to drive revenue.

As individuals become aware of their rights under laws like GDPR and CCPA, they will gravitate towards brands that deliver the best experience and are known for protecting personal information.  Building a “trusted” brand on privacy drives a significant competitive advantage.

3. Differentiate Your Offering

Does your company privacy statement look like a web page from the late 1990’s?  Is anybody reading them?

WireWheel showcases your privacy program to your customers in a beautiful and interactive way, highlighting the investment you are making in their private data.   

Built-in WireWheel functionality produces an eye-catching and fully customizable Public Privacy Page for your website that demonstrates, in appealing and eye-catching fashion, your proper stewardship of privacy data.

At WireWheel, We Believe that Privacy Protection Should be a Feature

You recognize that people want to do business with companies they trust, and you can see that protecting privacy is critical to building trust.


WireWheel brings fast ROI by allowing your business and sales teams to show:

  • What you are collecting
  • Who is using it
  • How you are using it

…so that your sales and business teams can build trust, close deals, and win your market.

WireWheel – The Platform that helps PEOPLE PROTECT PRIVACY.