Your current Privacy Policy page is a wasted opportunity

Data Privacy is increasingly recognized as a fundamental human right and governments worldwide are regulating it accordingly – GDPR was the start, California followed, many more regulations are forthcoming. GDPR and ensuing regulations are forcing businesses to get a better handle on their data – and in meeting these requirements, there is also opportunity.

Just like data security, privacy is now a key customer issue and your company’s ability to establish customer trust as a custodian of personal data will increasingly impact your ability to close deals and drive revenue.

The good news is that beyond the regulatory compliance requirements, data privacy is also an opportunity for your company to positively differentiate itself.

Operational value - organizations that operationalize privacy by ensuring operational systems are aligned with what GDPR requires, will achieve cost-savings though more streamlined business processes.

Business value - organizations that have clear visibility and control over where personal and sensitive data exist for compliance reasons can then, also, capture value from their data.

Brand value - as individuals become aware of their rights under laws like GDPR, they will gravitate towards brands that deliver the best experience and that are known for protecting personal information. This “trusted” brand reputation will result in a competitive advantage.

A new era of privacy data stewardship has arrived. Your privacy team will love WireWheel’s ability to give them the information and capabilities they need to ensure ongoing compliance with regulations. At the same time, your company has an opportunity to differentiate itself and build stronger bonds with its customers.

WireWheel allows you to show your customers what a terrific job you’re doing managing their private data. Today, company privacy statements look like relics of web pages from the 1980s and nobody reads them. They are posted to your website, the portal through which you communicate with the entire world, and they are unremarkable and unnoticed.