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WireWheel Supports Global Privacy Control (GPC)


Rick Buck Chief Privacy Officer

Remember Do Not Track (DNT), the web browser setting that requests that a web application disable tracking of an individual user? Well, it looks like it has a new sibling, the Global Privacy Control (GPC).

The GPC signal is intended to communicate a “Do Not Sell or Share My Personal Information” signal with third parties as a “global privacy control” called out in the CCPA-CPRA. It aligns with GDPR, as the signal sends a general request that data controllers limit the sale or sharing of a user’s personal data to other data controllers. Ultimately, the GPC signal can communicate data subject rights in compliance with any other State or Federal laws as they come into effect in other jurisdictions.

The practice of automated decision-making using Information from your browsing history, third-party data, and AI/machine learning to target and retarget people has become commonplace. The GPC standard was designed to give people a way to protect their data from being used for this purpose after it’s been collected. GPC automates the opt-out with a single click of button on a browser instead of having to individually manage opt-outs on every website visited.

Although the GPC signal is not a finalized standard, it’s gaining support in the browser community and with major brand websites. It was submitted to the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) for approval as a standard, but will no doubt get pushback from the AdTech community. Further, while the standard maps to the CCPA-CPRA and GDPR both need to formally recognize the GPC signal as a valid method of opt-out. This would be a differentiator from its older sister “Do Not Track,” because most websites don’t recognize or respond to the DNT signal, and they aren’t legally required to do so.

As WireWheel Founder and CEO, Justin Antonipillai said in a recent press release, WireWheel was founded on the principle of enabling companies to be the best stewards of their customer’s information, so we are excited to support GPC efforts to more easily and automatically exercise their privacy rights. As new privacy laws are enacted around the world, initiatives such as GPC will be critical to simplifying the process for consumers to communicate privacy preferences.

We expect to see many more publishers and websites that agree to honor GPC in the coming months. We will continue to update on the progress and adoption of this standard as a recognized best practice.

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Rick Buck is the WireWheel Chief Privacy Officer and acts as a Privacy Advisor to WireWheel clients, helping them with the implementation and optimization of their privacy programs. Over the past 20 years, Rick has…