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WireWheel Is a Strong Performer in the Forrester Wave for Privacy Management


This week Forrester Research Inc. named WireWheel a Strong Performer in Privacy Management and noted that we’re on a trajectory for leadership in the category.

WireWheel is proud of the role we’re playing in helping define the privacy management industry. To be ranked as a Strong Performer when we’re in only our second year of ‘scaled’ go-to-market tells us we’re on the right track in a rapidly changing market.

The Forrester Wave™: Privacy Management Software, Q1 2020 evaluated 15 vendors against 26-criteria across the categories “Current Offering,” “Strategy,” and “Market Presence.” This is the first Wave to focus on Privacy Management Software, highlighting privacy technology as a growing category of critical importance to security and risk (S&R) and privacy professionals.

In its Wave report, Forrester affirms the potential for privacy to become a competitive differentiator that goes beyond a rote compliance check. “The ramifications of privacy management on customer engagement, brand reputation, CX, and, ultimately, revenues affect firms both positively and negatively depending on their commitment to privacy — or lack thereof,” Forrester notes. “Spreadsheets fail to provide the formalized, automated process firms demand as they wrestle with not only a single set of privacy rules but with worldwide, varied privacy laws.”

Forrester’s view aligns with our philosophy of moving beyond a simple compliance checklist and creating a regulation-agnostic privacy methodology and platform.

Forrester Ranked WireWheel Highly on Strategy, Usability and Addressing Core Requirements.

According to Forrester, “WireWheel’s offering combines ease of use and quick implementation with scalability and flexibility” and “empowers a very efficient approach to privacy compliance.”

In particular, the report recognizes our fulfillment of DSARs and integrated verification solution as flagship features of WireWheel. Additional capabilities Forrester notes are important for the future of privacy management are built into our 2020 strategic plan, including integration of our data classification engine and proprietary content.

Most important to us is the positive feedback Forrester received from our customers, some of the most privacy-conscious enterprises in the country. Thanks for calling WireWheel “impressive!”

We take pride in responding to our customer needs and incorporating their requirements in the development of our platform.

As Forrester points out, privacy is a nascent market with rapidly changing requirements and emerging options for customer choice. We’re committed to optimizing our solutions to address the evolving privacy challenges.

You can read the full report for an independent evaluation of the privacy management market.