5 Critical Things CTOs/CIOs Need to Know About Privacy in 2019

In this short white paper, we highlight the Five Critical Things a CTO Needs to Know About Privacy, because there are a number of ways that you can drive your company to comply faster and more efficiently.

In the last decade, a clear global trend has emerged — the protection of personal information is increasingly considered a fundamental right, and governments worldwide are regulating it accordingly . This makes data protection a strategic requirement for any company entrusted with personal information. In fact:

  • Privacy is now increasingly recognized as a fundamental human right worldwide — GDPR was the start, CCPA was next, and further regulation is on the way, both globally and domestically.
  • Companies have to quickly establish trust that they are doing the right thing with personal information… and just like security, closing deals and driving revenue depend on establishing trust.
  • Companies that build and establish trust with personal data are way more likely to win and succeed;
  • People expect to be treated fairly when it comes to their personal data;
  • Regulators and law enforcement are now enforcing data privacy requirements more than ever.